Sport & Deep Sea Fishing

Belize Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Isla Marisol Resort offers full-day and half-day guided sport fishing and deep sea fishing trips suitable for all ages and abilities.

Deep Sea Fishing

Due to the unique underwater topography of Glover’s Reef Atoll, serious anglers do not need to travel far to find their target fish. Troll outside the perimeter of the atoll for kingfish, wahoo, and barracuda, among others. Try for snapper, grouper and tuna with live bait, lionfish and hogfish on spear, and marlin and sailfish with the right gear. Trolling is typically best in the morning starting around 5am and in the afternoon starting around 4am.

Fishing packages include a boat with fuel, guide, and lunch on request. Rental equipment is available, though experienced fishers often prefer furnishing their own.

Fishing Gear Rental

Trolling rods (50lbs) and lures: $25 half-day/$40 full-day

Spinning tackles (20lbs) and lures: $15 half-day/$25 full-day


2 $300 $600
3 $450 $750
4 $600 $1,200

Rates are in US$.
Fishing packages are priced per two people (double occupancy).
Single fishers incur a 50% supplement fee.