Conservation & Sustainability at Isla Marisol

Belize Island Conservation

Isla Marisol is committed to the sustainability of Glover’s Reef Atoll and intent on being good global citizens.
Everyone at Isla Marisol is encouraged to practice conservation in the following ways:
    Each person is asked to bring a reusable water bottle, resulting in a significant waste reduction. Purified drinking water is always available, making refills easy!
  • REEF
    Isla Marisol enforces a strict "NO TOUCHING" policy during all snorkel tours and SCUBA dives. Isla Marisol also actively participates in Lionfish eradication efforts and encourages guests to give it a shot.
    Taking "sailor showers" (shorter showers in which the water is shut off while lathering up) conserves water. Hanging and reusing bath towels minimizes the amount of water used for laundry. Isla Marisol uses low-flow faucets and shower heads, and features natural landscaping that requires no irrigation.
    Isla Marisol sends all recyclables back to the mainland, including all beer and soda bottles, some larger glass bottles, and Crystal water bottles.
    Around-the-clock electricity is derived primarily from renewable energy. Solar and wind generation systems provide the main power for everyday needs. Diesel generators are in place to back up the solar and wind systems as necessary.