Guided Local Paddling at Glover’s Reef Atoll

Belize Kayaking & Paddle Board Tours

Isla Marisol Resort offers guided paddle trips and instruction suitable for all ages and abilities. With over 80 square miles of tropical lagoon to explore, Glover’s Reef is a paddler's paradise. Single kayaks, double kayaks, and stand up paddle boards are available.

Guided Paddling Packages

Welcome to a paddlers paradise!  Explore Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve atop a kayak or paddle board. Isla Marisol Resort welcomes all paddlers, whether novice or experienced, to explore above and below the sea.  2 guided local paddle trips are scheduled each day to explore different parts of Glover’s Reef Atoll.  Paddlers can also set out on their own and enjoy free use of our small fleet of single and tandem kayaks and paddle boards for use inside the lagoon and around the island.  

1 Paddle $50
4 Paddles $180
6 Paddles $270
12 Paddles
Only with 7 night stay

Rates are in US$ per person. See policies.