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Isla Marisol Resort in Belize offers fantastic guided snorkeling trips and instruction suitable for all ages and experience levels.  With over 700 patch reefs to explore at Glover’s Reef Atoll, a UN World Heritage Site and protected marine park, snorkelers typically never visit the same site twice.  Snorkelers will see stunning coral gardens, schools of colorful fish, turtles, lobsters, flamingo tongues, and a variety of other sea creatures at an average depth of 5-15 feet.  Most snorkel sites are only 2-10 minutes from the resort, allowing for short boat trips and long, luxuriating snorkels.  Snorkelers always have a dedicated snorkel boat and in-water snorkel guide.

Belize Snorkeling Tours Snorkeling
At Glover's Reef
Belize Snorkeling Tours - whale sharks Snorkeling
with Whale Sharks
Belize Snorkeling Tours - Blue Hole Snorkeling
the Great Blue Hole
Belize Snorkeling Tours with Dolphins Snorkeling
with Dolphins